Dancers      Pastel       by  Claudia H.

Claudia is publishing her work, poems and photos on her new blog, The Wandering Youth.  Have a look, you’ll become a subscriber.



Lovely, recent work from Dana B., teen artist.

Maeve’s Blue Paper Lanterns

Click on  and you will find Maeve’s beautiful blog.  A devoted and talented artist, Maeve will tell you a little about herself and her work in her own words.

“The first one  (piece) is of Sia Furler, my absolute favorite music artist of all time. I find her music very inspiring. The next is called “King Pigeon Pose”, a watercolor. The final two are sketches I did of pointe-shoes…I’m just on the verge of earning my demi-pointe, and so these sketches are pretty much me dreaming :).

Contrasting Values

      Waterlilies by Betsy                                                                                                              Watercolor   

“I learned that contrasting the values really helps a piece more than just pale delicate color”                                                                                          

Invisible Trash

“Invisible Trash”                                                                                                             Photographic Print

by Grace

About: “Invisible Trash”

“In putting together this piece I got to make a tape sculpture, take a photograph, and then use Photoshop.”

What do you think Grace is saying in this piece?