A Preview of “Portrait of a Girl and Her Art”

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Portrait of a Girl and Her Art strives to demonstrate the value and power of creating visual art through peer experience, multiple examples and guided inspiration.   Why is the book only about girls?  This book came about because of the growing-up experiences that young female artists shared with me.  I identified with what the girls were feeling, so much so that I began to recall vivid memories of my own girlhood.  It was surprising to me, not only to realize that I felt a lot of what these girls were feeling, but also to see that in some ways, little had changed since I was a kid.  I knew however, what they could not yet know; that young female artists can develop a strong and robust identity through their work. This kind of identity is vital in maintaining personal strength, peace of mind and a creative way to see the world.  Is the book just for girls? No, everybody who enjoys making visual art can enjoy the book but, I particularly want to celebrate young female artists and their fabulous work.

I’ve so much more to say about Portrait of a Girl and Her Art, but I think I’ll wait for another post.  I hope that you have enjoyed this “sneak peek”. There’s much more to come.