Midwest Book Review, has done Portrait of a Girl and Her Art, the honor of a feature in their December online book review magazine “Children’s Bookwatch!

Here it is:

Ideal for young adults ages 7 to 17, Portrait of a Girl and Her Art is filled cover to cover with vivid color photography of young women and the artworks they have made. The text includes the firsthand testimony of female artists and passages designed to stoke readers’ imaginations and inspire them to produce their own artwork. “Is there a book or movie that left a lasting impression on you? What ideas did it leave you with? Think of an essential theme or scene. How might you visualize it in a simple, straightforward way?” A motivational resource brimming with peer role models for girls, Portrait of a Girl and Her At is an excellent giftbook for budding young artists.

Thank you Midwest Book Review. And thank you to all of you amazing young artists who contributed to this book.