ART for and by KIDS

BIG KIDS MAGAZINE!     Go on and click.  Take a little look around.  Cool right?

BIG KIDS Magazine is an arts magazine for and by kids.  The adults involved; creators, parents, adult artists and teachers, make art in true collaboration with kids.  Luca, is the senior editor at BIG KIDS.  Luca is eight.

B-I-G stand for Bravery, Imagination and Generosity.  You’ll find all three qualities within the pages of this magazine.  Maybe YOU will be brave enough and imaginative enough and generous enough to submit some of YOUR work to the BIG KIDS blog or even the next issue.

The illustration above is a collaboration of adult artist, Elena Caravela and seventeen year old Rachel.  Here’s what Rachel has to say about the making the illustration above and about making art in general:

Elena:Do you normally draw, sketch, write poetry on demand, like you had to with this assignment?

Rachel:No, I usually don’t.  Often when I try to think too much about it, it doesn’t happen.

Elena:But weren’t you always the kid with the crayon.

Rachel:Oh yeah:) A crayon, book or some kind of invention.  I also liked to peel the paper off the crayon:)

Elena:What form do your drawings usual take?

Rachel:I have an eclectic drawing style. Depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s comics. I’m constantly switching mediums.

Elena:Do you have anything to share about the making of this illustration?

Rachel:I did A LOT of paintings, but they just weren’t working. I got frustrated and finally just dashed one off, and that worked.

Elena: That really backs up what you said about “thinking too much” getting in your way.


Elena:Rachel, do you have any thoughts about creativity?

Rachel: People won’t always like your ideas, but they don’t necessarily KNOW.  You have to do what you like.

If you would like to know more about BIG KIDS Magazine, click on the link at the top.  To see more of Rachel’s paintings, and a little more  behind the scenes at the magazine, click this link to Elenacaravela’s blog.

Here is a reblogged interview with Luca, the kid senior editor at BIG KIDS:

Elena: What do you like to do when youʼve got nothing else you have to do?

Luca: Play with my little sister, play video games, read The Phantom Tollbooth, invent lego and duplo characters and games and stories.

Elena: What is your favorite subject in school?

Luca: Free drawing

Elena: Do other kids know that you are an editor of a magazine?

Luca: Yes, they respect me a lot

Elena: What do you do as an editor?

Luca: Well, make decisions about what goes in the magazine

Elena: Whatʼs your favorite part?

Luca: Being in charge of making decisions

Elena: If you had a magic power, (maybe you already have one) what would you do with it?

Luca: Shift shaping – means you can take the shape of any object, like I could take the shape of a million dollars, I could change into a flower, or massive bumble bee, I would re build the Guilford hotel and save people and stuff like that.



Art and Sound

Ever heard of sound design?

As the lines between artistic disciplines blur, more art schools are offering courses and majors in sound design.

In video, installations, performance work and even more traditional exhibits, music and or “sound” is an integral part of a visual art  experience.

The link below will take you to an exciting new project and a great example.    It’s an installation exchange between MassArt USA, and The University of Edinburgh.  To explain it very simply,  electronic boxes that play different sounds in response to shifts in the intensity of light will be mounted behind small one-way mirrors and hung from the ceiling. The audience will move through the room, where they can look at themselves and each other in the mirrors, but the sounds will change as they approach. Click the link to learn about the project and a little about the young artist spearheading the work.

Collaboration and exchange +interaction enliven artists and audience.