Couldn’t Be Simpler

Only have one stick of charcoal and an eraser? That’s all you need for a values project in reverse. It also works with pencil, (just requires a little more determination;)



Dancers      Pastel       by  Claudia H.

Claudia is publishing her work, poems and photos on her new blog, The Wandering Youth.  Have a look, you’ll become a subscriber.

Maeve’s Blue Paper Lanterns

Click on  and you will find Maeve’s beautiful blog.  A devoted and talented artist, Maeve will tell you a little about herself and her work in her own words.

“The first one  (piece) is of Sia Furler, my absolute favorite music artist of all time. I find her music very inspiring. The next is called “King Pigeon Pose”, a watercolor. The final two are sketches I did of pointe-shoes…I’m just on the verge of earning my demi-pointe, and so these sketches are pretty much me dreaming :).

Everybody’s Welcome

I know, this blog is called Portrait of a GIRL and Her Art.  That’s because it’s the title of my book. The book celebrates young female artists. And while that is important, I do not want to exclude ANYONE.  ALL young artists are welcome here.

Investigate the ART SHARE page, the INTERVIEW page.  Send your art and ideas, and pick up a tip or two. This blog will be updated often with interesting and exciting work.  Some of it may be yours.


Too much homework, so little time to draw?  Visit the QUICK TIPS page.  Try one tip per week and you will save erasing or “starting over” time, because these tips really do work!  If you’ve got an art tip that’s worked for you, share it