Can You See It?


Brianna, knows what she wants to bring to life in her artwork.  In this case, a special leotard resting on her bed, with a slight glimpse of her room.  Meaningful to Brianna, and beautifully rendered in pastel, Brianna has realized her vision.

It didn’t happen overnight, but took quite of bit of work.

Brianna was wisely patient and persevered. Vision made visible!



Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 9.12.39 AM

Leah Olbrich, master candidate at Cal Arts, has recently completed a terrific show called Reversal. This listing outside the gallery show, describes her process:


Leah’s blog documents the work beautifully, complete with still images and video, so click on the link to enjoy the show.

Still Life, Dynamic Work

bKatepumkin copy

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “less is more”.  Kate’s still life study of a pumpkin is a great illustration of that expression.  The color is limited, the shapes are simple, and the composition straight forward, but it is fully packed with pumpkiny energy!

Here’s a challenge for you:

Imagine this pumpkin, in this composition, without a stem, or with a stem that isn’t diagonal and is blunt at the top.  How would that simple change effect the way we see this work?

Taylor’s Pages

The best way to introduce you to Taylor (although a much younger Taylor), is to give you a peek inside Taylor’s pages from Portrait of a Girl and Her Art

It was tough to focus on just one theme  to represent Taylor’s art when I was putting the book together. I eventually decided  that Taylor’s sketchbooks had to be shared. Unfortunately, these 2-D images hardly do them justice…


Photo credit Stephanie Sara Lifshuz

Taylor is a recent graduate of Franklin and Marshall.  She graduated with degrees in both animal behavior and art.  The installation piece above, combines Taylor’s  research with birds with her creativity. Here’s a little more info about the show featuring Taylor’s piece.

Taylor is also featured in Portrait of a Girl and Her Art.  Next post will be about her wonderful sketchbooks.