Great Links!

There are some really terrific artsy blogs out there that can astound, amaze and teach us all a thing or two.  Check them out!

Student Art Guide-A plethora of features to support and guide serious high school art students.

Red Studio-Excellent site for teens by the Museum of Modern Art:interviews, activities, conceptual questions. Here is a link to THEIR link page  (really good stuff)

Teen Ink-A place for teens to show their work and see what other kids are making (just don’t get caught up with the categorizing  of the “Today’s Most Popular” section).

The Guerilla Girls-Fighting for women artists.

The Museum of Modern Art for younger kids and families.

BIG Kids Magazine -BIG stands for Bravery, Imagination and Generosity-For MANY reasons, worth a click!

For Parents and Teachers

Art Lessons for Kids-Mostly for adults who love to teach art.
Art Made Easy-For very young artists and parents;contests and medium tips

2 thoughts on “Great Links!

  1. Thank you so much for adding my link to your blog. I’ve had a proper chance to look around and your blog is amazing. I love being able to look at other artists work posted here and to read the interviews….very interesting. Also I’ve been looking at your work and its really an inspiration. You are so talented.


    1. Kellie, you are so very welcome. The link to your blog really benefits my blog, because you are an inspiration to other young artists.Thanks for your kind words. You have an open invitation to share ideas, tips and your art on Portrait of a Girl any time, just shoot me an email:)

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