Very Inpirational


Indigene knows what it means to be an inspiration. Her fabulously colorful and personal work is not to be missed.

She has graciously bestowed the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD on this blog.  There are lots of rules connected to receiving awards, and this one is not an exception, but…in art nothing is wrong, so I’m going to take some liberties with the rules.  I do however, want to thank Indigene wholeheartedly for her support and for the award-Thank you!

And, I would like to nominate The Wandering Youth as well as Blue Paper Lanterns for truly inspirational blogs about making art. These young blogger/artists beautifully document what inspires them and in turn, they really do inspire others. So, we can skip the rules this time and simply honor these young artists.  Their blogs certainly deserve more attention. If you are not already following, have a look at what they making.


5 thoughts on “Very Inpirational

  1. Elena–Thank you so much! You’ve been a loyal follower from the beginning, and this means a lot 🙂 Can’t thank you enough!

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