Portfolio Prep Step 1

Ok, so you’ve decided on art school.  How to prepare…

*sketch-anything and everything, Try to keep a sketchbook.

*experiment -with lots of different materials, techniques, mixed media, photography, video, 2-D, 3-D, digital art, printmaking, collage…….

*look around-The internet is a fabulous place to use an hour of your time to see new art from all over the world and find tutorials on basic technique-go to galleries, museums, look at street art, public art, graphic art, illustration, painting, performance art, fashion, design, sculpture, video, installations, go to book stores and browse through the art books and art magazines, go to the library and check out the books with images of great art.

*plan to do your best in school-Art schools look at grades. If you have some trouble with academics, get some help***. If you haven’t cared up till now,  and haven’t put in much effort, start trying,   If you do well in school, keep it up.  If you have already graduated but still have some trouble with basic academic skills, work on those reading, writing and math skills. You will need them in art school and in life.

*collaborate with other artists-Propose an art project in your school or community, volunteer to teach art, Make work with a friend or two and help each other.

*if possible, find a mentor-Take art classes, talk with artists, find an art teacher or artist willing to help you work on your weaknesses and encourage you to move forward.

*think-Visual art today is not just about technique. Think about concepts, remain curious, ask questions, keep an open mind.

*feel-Try to tease apart what you or others might be feeling. Pay attention to how your feel. Use that energy to propel your art.

***Tons of artists learn differently.  Many have struggled with learning disabilities. If you feel like that might be you, reach out for help. What may be a hindrance in academia, may be a gift in your creative life. Don’t give up!


6 thoughts on “Portfolio Prep Step 1

  1. I wish there had been someone like you, when I was making this major decision, it would have been great! I’m glad you’re writing and talking about art school, deciding on being an artist is being prepared and you’ve given all the top steps needed to make a way! 🙂

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